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I have an appointment with the youth

Zhang Haiyi Qufu Normal University affiliated high school of ice-cold class 12

A song, a memory, I accidentally walked into the gap of youth, like to take headphones, listen to the song "old boy" feel the charm of youth..

If the life is colorful, so it is one of the most beautiful youth, if life is a blend of the activity, so it is among them a vigorous youth.

Everyone has the youth, the youth is very long, also very short, in the long river of life, the youth is a dividing line, not sure if good, then reverse flow will be send you rushed into the abyss.So, I want to hold good date with youth, against the current, go forward.

Dating youth, need courage, dating, youth need patience.

When Mr Chu overlord xiang yu, before youth line, resolutely kungfu, down the path of the qin dynasty.Young guys, go forward, finally defeat the qing dynasty.I feel, the world can not live without you.

The world needs you, the youth, although you make many people fall abyss, but there are many people over you, make them become a generation of heroes.

Missed, will not come back again, the time will not flow back, and youth date only once, the past have no youth youth blood, as in the old boy sings: "green as torrential rivers, never come back less than farewell, leaving only numb, I did not have the blood of the year. Look at the sky falling flower, wither, when the most beautiful who will remember, he came to this world........

I have an appointment with the youth.Before dating youth, the gap in the life, I no longer hesitate, dating youth, fight with learning, although not manipulated, but also chill, under the infection of youth, I won't be hesitated, but was a knife, kill in the middle of the problem sets, games victory, often progress.

I have an appointment with the youth.Hold good date at this time.Youth compass will deeply branded in my heart, and we indicate the direction of the forward to get lost.

Youth, your silence make people calm, you low-key, let a person admire in this high-profile world needs you to cool down.

All said, I and your date is successful, what do you think?
















Red bean under the tree

Round of li Yang

DieWu flocking

missFlowing at the bottom of the ying ying I most like clothes, the in the mind is clear, this is my andIn the springThe day's date, we are all come.

The plan to carry on the poemsThe corpus, it is on the wayregretDon't bring, but when I got it to the spring scenery, was secretly pleased again, without a redundant, only meoneself.That therefore,Flowers and plantsCompany,The textHow can a beautiful poem in the match the blue sunny and windThe birdSound.

A lush red bean tree in front of him, I stopped.Can not help but think of wang wei's poem: red bean was born austral, spring to send a few branches, let you more gather, it the most acacia.The bottom of my heart and the stacks of flowing on the ripples, and this is his first date, and I just see from a distance, personable,pureSmile clean and transparent heart at a glance to see through.The air and around your breath lithe and graceful fuses in together,missThe day a sunny day, hold a clear man.Walk on the way of stone, each scene to linger, the flavor of sunshine seeping into my back, suddenly look back, clouds also laughing.Moments like this always feel too short, the spring wind is always stingy flit across, too late lifted my long hair, and then was blown away.He said I waterfall, hair more enchanting, bang the limpid eyes moist.I laughed, never feel such sweet words too greasy.(The articlereadingWebsite: www.sanwen.net)

Today, I came alone, don'tlonely.No warm feeling is reduced, stroll in looking forward to the second encounter, do not feel far away.Just yesterday, he was also charged me again and again, come out for air in a warm, sunny heart is fine.Yes, who wrote so many words of rhetoric, and are not derived from the nature of it.Sometimes irritable heart shine, but forgotIn the springForgot to have been in the springWaiting for theMy date with him.Never miss a springlifeHope, even the pressure under the stoneThe grass, which also involve arched weak body, live up to the spring, but also give yourself a chance.

Although not together to share, but also won't feel that love is a kind of sadness, we are given more freedom to each other.Different places, it is the same ChunYang, different appearance, is a similar state of mind.feelingsandlifeAre on earth, only free immortal, heaven and earth is big, seasky, the road is long, don't dwell onyouthJiyang, grow old together whitehead is the end-result.

Through more than 20 years of time, and no and I together, whileIn the moodRebels, will not chooseregretGet and lose.Laugh cry, are considerate to the bottom of my heart most deep place, for mehappyAnd laughter, fret and worry for me, as my four seasons and changing yourself.Choose spring, is the beginning of a hearty in pleasure, life is a circle, I date with spring is inevitablyhappinessThe end point.Spring don't give me disappointed, I will not false to convention, so I always smooth date with spring.

More than half of the day has already becomeIn the past, over the years has become unable to pick up again, the boozy fragrance in the air refreshing, have words to save today again tonight.At the moment of happiness all of a sudden to exclude the past unhappy clean, and let me know how one's happiness is how important.Spring is more than onetimeComplaints, or a place where things just those lost people say, if you know how to cherish, don't loss to date of spring.

Wane, baking hot me blushing face, at the moment is the most peaceful time, alternating black and white are not obvious.Homing of the two birds "with partners, they must be wellloveSweet lovers or couples, the occasional twitter call went wrong partner, perhaps the other side also defy spirit of blame, flying so fast, how can I keep up with!Perhaps because of love, a happy day is not willing to give up coming.I also got up and left the bench, leaving hair or the lovestruck couple of husband and wife, and he must be in YaHuangThe moonlightAn inferior I for a long time.







眼前一颗郁郁葱葱的红豆树,我停下来。不禁想起王维的诗篇:红豆生南国,春来发几枝,愿君多采撷,此物最相思。心底又泛起一迭涌动的涟漪,这也是我和他的第一次约会,远远的就望见,风度翩翩,单纯的微笑一尘不染,透明的心一眼就看穿。身边的空气和自己的呼吸曼妙的融合在一起,想念那一个明媚的日子,牵住一个明朗的男子。走在婉转的石头路上,每一处风景都让人流连忘返,阳光的味道渗进我的背上,蓦然回首,云霞也在笑。这样的时刻总是觉得太短,春日的风总是吝啬的匆匆掠过,来不及撩起我的长发,就又被吹散。他说我瀑布似的头发更加妖娆,刘海下的眼睛清澈温润。我哈哈大笑,从不会觉得这样的甜言蜜语太腻。文章阅读网:www.sanwen.net )